Rooted in ancient Khoisan wisdom

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"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage."



Staying true to cultural traditions farming the all-natural way is part of what makes Bitou Honeybush Tea truly special. Diligent hands pass down the ancient herbal infusions from one generation to the next so that Bitou Honeybush Tea drinkers can reap the benefit of carefully guarded Khoisan secrets and traditions. 


Used for centuries as a healing herb by the Khoisan, honeybush is completely caffeine free, low in tannins, and rich in antioxidants, mangiferin and polyphenols, that can boost your body’s immune system while helping reduce inflammation. 

By leaving out the fermentation process, our tisane is richer in antioxidants than fermented honeybush teas, making it one of the healthiest herbal ‘green’ teas today.

Organic certification and a purpose-built, state-of-the-art tea processing facility mean you can enjoy Bitou Honeybush Tea with a clear environmental conscience. 

The Organic Bitou Honey Tea Story from Grace Harrison on Vimeo.


We grow two types of honeybush fynbos on the estate, Cyclopia Subternata and Cyclopia Longifolia. Specially selected for their unique flavour profiles and health benefits.

Cyclopia Subternata

An erect, densely branched shrub.

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Cyclopia Longifolia

Cyclopia Longifolia is a laxly-branched, straggling shrub.

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