Organically crafted

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"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage."



Farming the all-natural way, is part of what makes Bitou Honeybush Tea truly special. Diligent hands craft our herbal infusions so that Bitou Honeybush Tea drinkers can reap the benefits. 

We are proud to be associated with The South African Honeybush Tea Association (SAHTA) the representative body of the Honeybush Tea Growers and Processing Industry. Their aim is to promote a competitive, non-discriminative and profitable Honeybush Tea industry in South Africa. It also promotes equal entry and participation in the industry and the sustainable use of environmental resources. 

We grow two types of honeybush fynbos on the estate, Cyclopia Subternata and Cyclopia Longifolia. Specially selected for their unique flavour profiles and health benefits.

Cyclopia Subternata

An erect, densely branched small-leaf shrub. 

Subternata has a moderate floral rose geranium aroma, clear golden caramel appearance with a balanced sweet and astringent flavour.

Cyclopia Longifolia

Cyclopia Longifolia is a laxly-branched, straggling medium-leaf shrub.

Longifolia has a sweet, fruity, low spicy apricot aroma, clear golden caramel appearance with balanced sweet and astringent flavour.