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"Tea is the elixir of life."


The Bitou Honeybush Tea team of experts are passionate about ensuring that the Honeybush Tea produced each year is high-quality, through each stage of planting, picking, and processing. Nothing but the highest quality tisane from seed to sip.

No chemicals, No additives, No preservatives, Caffeine-free, Rich in antioxidants, Sugar free.

Explore our premium teas below. 




Green Honeybush Tea
Green Loose Leaf Honeybush Tea

Our Green Honeybush is chopped then dried on stainless steel racks in the drying room. No chemicals, no additives,...

Fermented Honeybush Tea
Fermented Loose Leaf Honeybush Tea


The fermented Honeybush is crafted in computer-controlled stainless steel tanks ensuring consistent...

Honeybush Extract
Spray Dried Honeybush Extract Powder

Our CWS (Cold Water Soluble) and HWS (Hot Water Soluble ) is a blend of both varieties. We wholesale this...

Our products are currently only available via selected retailers and distributors. Contact us to find a place to try Bitou Honeybush Tea near you or to become a distributor.