Farming for Good

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"A sustainable agriculture is one which depletes neither the people nor the land."



Today, 32 hectares of Honeybush plants are nurtured by our farm team, and the impressive honeybush rows provide a safe haven to an abundance of native birds and wildlife. Clean air, fertile soils, and a Mediterranean climate are the ingredients that bring distinction to Bitou Honeybush Tea.  


At Bitou Honeybush Tea, our seedlings start their journey in the nursery before being planted and left to grow the way nature intended. Eighteen months later, we harvest, dry and pack their leaves to bring you an unfermented herbal ‘green’ tea, that’s rich in antioxidants, low in tannins, and completely caffeine-free.

We’re proudly organic, don’t use pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals, and our leaves are sent for testing to ensure we’ve kept our chemical-free promise before harvest.

We use rainwater for irrigation and installed solar panels to provide electricity to the farm. In fact, we’ve done everything to create a self-sustaining farm that’s as “off the grid” as can be.

As for the community, we only hire local people to help with all the building, planting, harvesting and packing. Our farming philosophy stems from sustainability and the need to look after the land and care for the communities to make sure we don’t simply survive but thrive.